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Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

The Sims 4 - Request: Kpop EXO Dorm


NO CC Version here 


 This is a Dorm for Exo Members Requested by Meher. 
EXO is a Chinese-South Korean boy band. I let myself be inspired by images from the web and this EXO Video from Youtube. It does not look exactly like this real Dorm... because I have brought my own ideas.
I hope you like it.
House information

     Year Build: October
  House Type: Dorm, Residential Community, Apartment, Hotel
  Suitable for: Kpop/Jpop Idols
  Size: 50x50
     Price: 914.877 

    4 Stories + basement

8  | 8 |1
     Fully Furnished
Base Game, Outdoor Retreat, Get to Work, Spa Day, Cool Kitchen 

Room Details

 In the Basement is an Swimmingpool, Bar, Sauna und an DJ Booth (only deco).   
Ground Floor is a waiting Room with Piano and Public Toilet.
At the Second Floor is a Living Room, Kitchen/Dining Area with Fireplace, 2 Bathrooms, Laundry (deco), 4 Bedrooms, Corridor, Walk in Closet, Balcony.
At the third Floor (like Exo Video from YT) is a Living area, Kitchen, Bathroom/Toilet Room, 4 Bedrooms, Corridor, Walk in Closet Balcony.
Ad the last fourth floor has some special Rooms; Gamer Room with big TV and Nintendo, PS3, XBox etc., Karaoke Room ^^, the big Music Room, Corridor, Sports/Fitness Room , Walk in Closet, 2 Bathrooms, glazed balcony (winter garden). 

 This Download is unavailable, so please Download the Updated Version.


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17 Kommentare:

  1. Anonym13:41

    Hi! Will it be possible for you to release a non-cc version of this build?

    1. Hello! Oh.. You mean furnished with only EA objects?

    2. Anonym16:49

      Yes please!

    3. Sorry for my late answer!

      I've thought about it and I think that I would not get it right with EA objects. it's too huge building and EA has not enough furniture, deco etc...

      Do not be sad. ❤

    4. Anonym02:53

      I understand :) ,but will it okay if you tone down the CC items? 1 GB is a heart attack.

    5. Okay okay you' ve persuaded me XD I'll do it as No CC Version :D

    6. Done! XD

    7. Anonym14:19

      Thank you so much for this! ISorry for the late reply. I thought you wouldn't do it haha but, once again, thank you so much! //Hugs

    8. That was a surprise right? Hope you're happy with it.

      Hugs back ^^ ❤

  2. Can you give me the download link for that Super Smash Bros poster? I really want it (Mainly targetting the hegehog lol)
    Btw, nice house :v

    1. O yeah, i didn't find t in the cc list so i ask :/

    2. Hi May Umaru,
      in my Game it called "painting disney by nana" I think I got it from here:
      unfortunately I can't find the exact link.

      Hope I could help anyway ❤

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  4. Anonym22:39

    Hello! I have a problem! For some reason I can't download it. I've been trying for a while and it always sais "network error" even when it sais that it has reached 100%. I know it's not a proble with my internet because it is working perfectly with everything else and I've downloaded other things from this page without problem. Can you please help me?

    1. I want "Update" the Lot in the next view Days or maybe Weeks 0.o and upload it again. Sorry that you have to wait so long ❤

    2. Finally I've Updated the Exo Dorm :D

  5. blog olarak güzel bir yapıt



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